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Robin Lesley Wright

 Interior Designer

Robin Lesley Wright is an award-winning designer, who has been creating luxury interiors along the coast of Florida and around the country for more than 25 years.  Born & raised in Virginia, Robin began her career as an interior designer in 1992 when she settled in the small coastal town of Destin, Florida.  Robin’s history with the area began long before she settled here.  She had been a frequent visitor of the emerald coast since the early 1970’s, spending childhood summers, holidays and vacations with her grandparents whose family were the original early pioneers of Grayton Beach.  Her grandfather was born and raised in a little home on the beach which is now identified with a historical marker on 30A known as The Old Miller Place- est 1903. The family home is featured in the local, wildly popular book, The Way We Were: Recollections of South Walton Pioneers.  “Old Florida” wooden homes, as they are described today, and oyster-shell roads made up the quaint little community.  Back in the day, Robin said you could drive your cars, trucks and boats right on the sand.  And dune buggies, not golf carts were the easiest and most fun transportation to get around.  She recalls her family having a bright purple one they often used.  There was one store, sort of a 1-stop shop which served all of your needs: groceries, bait & tackle, gas, restaurant and eventually the only night club.  People would come from Panama City, Fort Walton Beach & Destin for their occasional night life.  Today, that place is better known as the infamous “Red Bar”.
Though raised along the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia, it was the white sandy beaches and emerald green waters of Grayton Beach which called her back to her family’s homestead in the northwest Florida panhandle. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from East Carolina University, Robin knew it was coastal design that gave her the most passion and held the most influence over her. Destin, Florida would be her next residence.  Since then, Robin has been turning heads with her innovative interiors and sophisticated yet comfortable style.  
Winner of several prestigious awards for excellence in interior design, Robin believes her attention to detail, comprehensive vision of the project, meticulous implementation of design elements and a strong desire to inspire her clients is what drives her success.
“It’s important to have inspiration”, she says. “And inspiration can present itself in every day walks of life.  The experiences we have in life can bring about the most satisfying of inspiration if we embrace its existence before us.  A simple blade of grass, a section of a dilapidated building, the intricacies in the patterns of a chain link fence….  Every detail in your day to day existence has the potential to be the beginning of new inspiration for your personal dwelling.  The key to their use is in good design.  Blending together color, texture and sophistication, and weaving them into a harmonious balance within a space creates an environment that’s tantalizing to the senses.”  And creating that captivating ambiance within a home is exactly what Robin pursues in the fulfillment of her client’s needs and desires.  Robin’s designs however, are not representative solely of the coastal lifestyle in which she lives.  Her work has spanned locations from the Emerald Coast of Florida, to the southern charms of Georgia, the energetic spirit of Nashville, the snowy metropolis of Minnesota, up to her hometown roots in Virginia & “America’s Main Street”, Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC.  Her designs are each as unique as their locations.

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