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New Construction

Whether you have selected a contractor or are still in the design phase with the architect, a designer is a valued added resource who can work diligently with both entities to suggest and problem-solve the areas that concern you most.  The designer can provide detailed services for any new construction well before the slab is poured.  Your style and design should fit every aspect in the flow of your home or business.  Meeting with a designer will help you understand your options of products to use, how to avoid painful and costly surprises during construction, as well as work side by side with your designer for interior and exterior specifications; which include but are not limited to: Space Planning, Cabinet Selections, Flooring, Hardware, Plumbing, Lighting, Decorative Tile, Paint, Pavers, Pool, Roofing, Siding, Brick.   Let the Robin guide you in your step by step process of new construction.


Renovations can include a number of daunting tasks.  Working with a designer before you begin will help to address aspects of the renovation project that concern you  or perhaps areas of construction that you never considered.  The designer will walk you through step by step before and during demolition, continuing through interior or exterior specifications, and will work through the construction and rebuild process with you.  Interior and exterior specifications  include but are not limited to:  Space Planning, Cabinet Selections, Flooring, Hardware, Plumbing, Lighting, Decorative Tile, Paint, Pavers, Pool, Roofing, Siding, Brick
Let the designer help you avoid the pitfalls during the renovation process or aid in your decision making when a problem does arise.  The overall experience will leave you with a better appreciation for your space.

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Space Planning

Let the designer plan your room or space according to size allowances on your blueprints or room measurements.  Furniture placement and sizes, locations and types of electrical, computer or AV needs can be assessed and placed at this time.  You do not want to order that favorite sofa if it actually won’t fit into your space.  The chest you have fallen in love with might not work in the location you were hoping if you walk around the corner and bump your hip into it every time. Toe stubs, hip bumps and chin cracks are quite painful results of not planning your space before your purchase.   Space planning can solve a myriad of problems long before making that High Dollar spenditure of items that will never work in your particular space .  Many companies do not take back custom items, and if they do, will often charge a high re-stocking fee to deter customers from doing so.  The benefits of working with a designer on your planning stage is not only a solution to making the best space possible for you and your family in its daily function, but also a cost effective way of creating your best design.

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Furniture Selection & Purchasing

Let the designer assist you  in the selection and purchase of your new furniture, rugs, accessories, lamps and art.  A designer can keep you on task with what items are needed in each space, can help control the flow of the design from the moment you walk through the door and into each area that branches into another.  Allow the designer to help inspire you and offer suggestions for unique items that may set the room or space apart.  They can also present trending items and colors as they stay on top of the new styles and trends of the seasons.  Accessories and rugs should be considered the jewelry and shoes for your home.  A space can be dressed with beautiful fabrics, and the function of each piece in the room is like the parts of the body, with each part having a job , of which all serve together as a whole.  The room or space in which you are designing is much the same.  Each piece of furniture and fabric has a specification that serves a purpose in the room.  It is the jewelry and the shoes, however that make a finely dressed individual stand out with comfort, taste and poise.  The accessories and rugs serve this very purpose in a room.  Bringing together color, style and pattern to a crescendo.  These items give the finishing touch to a complete and well thought out room design.

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